The Rise of the Phoenix

The phoenix is a fictional and mythical and immortal bird. As with all animals when cell regeneration grinds to a halt; the bird eventually has to die. The phoenix has a very dramatic way to go. In a fiery blaze, immortal it still is for in the old birdy ashes with a myrrh scent.

From these ashes the new order does rise; having lived for five hundred years to a millennium notwithstanding. It is inevitable. One cannot fail to admire this powerful mythical creature, in it’s long life,  the second and third chances it’s received. O Oh the wisdom. The ample knowledge of history it has. We all know that history repeats itself. What an opportunity.

This is a new entry on this site, and in the precedence of a positive gradient I’ll stop here. That was February. I’d just lost a friend and an engineer who was very dear to me.  We can say that he taught me a good fraction of what I know about women. However in some matters we were direct opposites. What do I know, Opposites attract says Physics. I never saw him mad, not once in the eons we’ve been together.

We had the same taste in women and this was no secret, I’d look at a girl and feel like wish Alexander the great had  a blog for a copy cat I would be. After all good artists copy but the great ones steal. But the microchip did not exist in Alex’s era. The phoenix alive at his time knows how to set up an encrypted  remote secure shell connection tunnel, but I digress. My boy would come, pull an Allen Iverson crossover dribble and make a reverse layout, no block no foul. Err, if foul; it’d have a basket to go with it.

The future is, and was good. We believed in incremental change, the Japanese way; never drastic. We were bonded on a highly explosive un-severable connection that even the Keymaker could not generate a couple of keys.

Or Sauron , Rings.

As Guy Fawkes said Ideas are bullet proof and ideas cannot die.

The phoenix that went up in flames. Some of it’s myrrh ashes were blown in my direction and the Uptime for this pair of Phoenix will be epoch to infinity.

— For Kevin


Aging, Wisdom and lack thereof

It’s been a while, could be a little rusty on this.

A lot has changed; after all change is inevitable.

I have ideas; I have dreams, some may be valid while others will leave with me.

Change is coming, remember ‘winter’s coming’.

New beginnings

Ahoy! There’s too much pressure on this virgin post on the new gizmo blog. Sorry but I had to relocate after my older host made me listen  and nod to Ludacris Act a fool message but here goes. This month has been a month of many firsts, I believe that whatever happened happened and couldn’t have happened any other way. Why? We are still alive. After such a matrixy sentence I’m obliged to quote the great Morpheus’ speech at the temple in Zion, citing the fact that we are here not because of the path that lays before us; but because of the path that lies behind us. How do we know? We are still here!!!!

Damn! Thinking of Zion makes my ears hurt, same feeling you get when you are a new flier and you are landing after an eon of a flight, maybe because the Nebuchadnezzar is taking me to Zion right in the middle of the earth’s core. Or is it the brandy? Hard to tell.

It’s pitch black as our trusted and dependent power distributor has decided to show all their employees how a circuit breaker is supposed to work. Like this! And the city in the sun is the scene for Vin Diesel’s Pitch black trailer. Seriously? I think it’s about time I bought their shares. It’s hard to feel bad when the fault is yours….
This post just broke a record. A record of all plausible indifference that is witnessed by a dependent customer of the company that I am yet to own.

New beginnings, but really how new is the ‘new’ coined word. Reminds me of New Omo, New Omo with Powerfoam, New Omo with Powerfoam Plus…. Seriously?  But this post and blog is new, to me right now and to you. Duh! I just registered it.

This month I made my maiden flight to West Africa.

This month I tried some French mumble jumble Damn! I should have taken the cue from the Merovingian and learnt a couple of cuss words.

This month I took my complex conjugate home

This month my brother cleared school

This month I was shot at.

This month I started my last blog.

This month I discovered Kaizen.

This month I believe that I am here to change the world.

This is the month of April.

This is the month of fools.